ERP Information at the Speed of Reality: ERP Lessons Learned (Volume 1) – Wayne L. Staley


Every type of business must execute effectively and move from a physical and information reality of weeks and days, to minutes and seconds.

The smart enterprise builds intelligence-gathering into their operations in near real time, taking full advantage of faster operations.

Consultants, executives, project leaders, and software suppliers all play games that introduce unnecessary variables into a complex process. ERP projects are complex and expensive. Failure is not an option.

Wayne L. Staley shares forty-five years of experience in helping businesses navigate the waters of ERP to become more efficient, effective, and profitable in their operations.

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ERP systems are the information super highways used to integrate sales, engineering, operations, and logistics. Lean Six/Sigma programs further drive the operations, synchronizing actions and information at increasing speeds of reality.

The smart enterprise builds real-time intelligence gathering strategies, taking full advantage of faster operations to increase effectiveness.

Increasingly, businesses must move from an operational and informational reality of weeks and days, to minutes and seconds.

The Speed of Reality

ERP projects are complex, involving strategies, internal assessments, evaluation of multiple alternatives, and making critical business decisions.

ERP Information at the Speed of Reality analyzes situations which jeopardize projects of all types.

Many of our targets are uncomfortable with our analysis. This means the effective communication of harsh realities.

ERP systems are expensive. Failure is not an option. A structured process and evidence-based decisions lead to successful project results.

Selecting the Solutions

The pathway to achieve sustained speed of reality frequently convoluted and complex. Technology increases opportunities but multiplies options and risk.

Speed is a significant competitive factor, but without keeping quality first, increasing speed can put a business on the fast track to project and business failure. Speed without a plan has unpredictable and undesireable results.

Discover the Truth

Projects generally fail at three key stages: due diligence, software selection, and implementation.

Failure involves both people and technology. A structure process increases the probability of success at every stage of the project.

Due diligence deals with properly defining business needs, converting them into systems specifications, and matching specifics to systems and software functionality.

Success or Failure – You Choose

Many projects are doomed from the beginning. Project teams often must attempt to deal with critical unrecognized or misunderstood requirements caused by poor due diligence.

ERP Information at the Speed of Reality is an excellent starting point for understanding and implementing due diligence in project development.

Major project pitfalls include assumptions, bias, and fixation. The software selection process is intricate and filled with subtle traps, both human and technical. This requires thinking beyond the obvious and overcoming ignorance with both education and training.

Consultants, executives, project leaders, and software suppliers all play games, introducing unnecessary variables into an already complex process. Sharing our knowledge helps businesses succeeed.

Real World Answers

ERP Information at the Speed of Reality makes its points with real-world stories and case studies. Some stories in the book are enlightening, but not funny. Companies, their employees, and  ownership paid the price for this information.

In ERP, ignorance is not bliss, excusable, or acceptable.

Buy this book, read it, and put the knowledge gained from it to work for you.

ISBN 978-1479133697
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Paperback* – 290 pages.  Ships to US addresses only

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Available on Kindle

Wayne L. Staley

Wayne L. Staley

Author, Consultant at Affinity Sytems LLC
Wayne has managed corporate information services for a multi-plant, national manufacturer, developing information and shop floor operating systems. He has experience in plant and corporate material management working with integrated supply chain programs with overseas suppliers, as well as customer collaboration programs.

Wayne's consulting company Affinity Systems LLC has managed numerous business strategy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and process improvement projects (VMP) in manufacturing, government, distribution, and convention management.

He has developed training materials for ERP, Supply-Chain Management, Strategy, and Process Improvement. His specialties include systems assessment, software selection and installation, and process improvement.  Through his website, Wayne continues to advocate for American industry.

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Wayne L. Staley

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