How Millenials Can Rediscover The American Dream

The Little Boy Asked - Why? The Search for Answers - Wayne L. Staley

American Millennials today live via their smart phones, have an insatiable need to validate facts, and falsely assume that expert information comes from independent, unimpeachable organizations.

Once a global force for progress and prosperity, the once-energizing American Dream is fading. Today’s young adults are getting a raw deal.

Greed and a self-serving political class have shattered the intergenerational promise of continuing opportunity for all, opportunity limited only by one’s vision, ability, and determination.

American Dream – or Nightmare

While asleep one night in 2006 on a research trip to the Gulf of Mexico shortly after Hurricane Katrina, I experienced a strange and haunting dream.

In my dream, I encountered two young boys sitting on a desolate muddy road. They were dressed in patched but spotlessly clean clothes. The older boy about four was repairing some sort of small device, and the younger boy was playing with a broken toy truck.

“Where is everyone?” I asked the boys.

“Gone, all gone …” replied the oldest.

“Where did they go?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” said the boy, returning his attention to the device in his hands.

Then, after a moment of silence, the little boy looked up at me, his eyes calm and serene but inquisitive, “Why?”

I answered that perhaps the hurricane had washed everything away.

“No, not that”, the boy replied quietly.

With that, I awoke, the young boy’s simple plaintive question echoing over and over in my mind.



It was a question in the years since I have felt myself driven to answer.

Now, the result of several years of thought and globe-trotting research, I have published the results of that quest in my latest book, The Little Boy Asked – Why? The Search for Answers.

Inconvenient Truth

In reality, truth is often inconvenient. Organizations manufacture or sanitize deceptive information which is then validated by “experts”.

It doesn’t take much effort to see that we live today in something approaching an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), a parallel universe of artificial ideas provided by government (of both parties) and the media.

Yet, we all have only one life, and it is not an ARG. It has to be lived in the real world.

The endless game of deception however will continue until we bring it to a screeching halt by making significant political changes.

The Future

My vision is for a free and prosperous America, an America filled with honest opportunities for every citizen. I want to see an America that continues to push forward the frontiers of science, and an America where real diversity once again becomes its core strength, and not its weakness.

I have dedicated this book to the courageous young people, who will push back against the national drift into an Orwellian dystopia, or who will otherwise eventually live in one – and to those in both military service and law enforcement, who put their lives on the line every day to provide an unappreciative citizenry safety from those who want to harm us all.

Please buy a copy and read it. For yourself. And for the ones you love, who will inherit this world.



Wayne L. Staley

Wayne L. Staley

Author, Consultant at Affinity Sytems LLC
Wayne has managed corporate information services for a multi-plant, national manufacturer, developing information and shop floor operating systems. He has experience in plant and corporate material management working with integrated supply chain programs with overseas suppliers, as well as customer collaboration programs.

Wayne's consulting company Affinity Systems LLC has managed numerous business strategy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and process improvement projects (VMP) in manufacturing, government, distribution, and convention management.

He has developed training materials for ERP, Supply-Chain Management, Strategy, and Process Improvement. His specialties include systems assessment, software selection and installation, and process improvement.  Through his website, Wayne continues to advocate for American industry.

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