Decision-Making in a Disruptive Reordering

Wayne L. StaleyTechnological disruption is affecting the workplace and the future for current workers. Good jobs are lost to the global economy, replaced by positions with fewer opportunities and lower pay.

Given constant advancement in the development of Artificial Intelligence, Academic degrees will quickly become outdated as automated processes become more and more pervasive.

Meanwhile, there are millions of technical jobs available without qualified workers to fill them.

A Brave New World

Our children and grandchildren are growing up in a world undergoing a technological reordering unprecedented in history. Education is necessary, but selecting the right education is equally important. Young people, trapped in limited opportunity situations, get lip service but little help.

I passionately want all students, displaced workers, and future entrepreneurs to be free to reach their God-given potentials. The greatest attribute for success in a disruptive reordering is good decision-making skills.

Decision-Making in a Disruptive Reordering

Decision-making in a Disruptive Reordering - Wayne L StaleyThis little eighty-eight page book, including photographs and graphics, has taken a long journey. It ignores the premise of political correctness, directly addressing each subject.

I am most grateful to the following people:

  • Marlowe Embree, Ph.D.
  • Mike Klussendorf, CPA
  • Alan Marten
  • Debbie Marten
  • David Marten
  • Mark Burwell
  • Natalie Groshek Staley

Early Beginnings

The project started in 1998, when Marlowe Embree, Ph.D., Mike Klussendorf, CPA, and I brainstormed the subject, constructing the initial framework. Changing circumstances sent us in different directions.

I converted the decision-making research into a program supporting ERP implementation and process improvement teams, and then used it extensively before retiring from life on the shop floor. Converting the material into a book was an intention, but not a passion.

After finishing the book, ERP Lessons Learned -Structured Process, my interest refocused on the Competitive America website and the issues leading to the decline of the American industrial system.

The showstopper, however, was finding there are 8-12 million STEM factory jobs open while young people with Masters Degrees are working at McDonald. It sparked an acute interest in what actions will improve the situation.

Case Study

I had the pleasure of touring Marten Manufacturing. This spotless, high technology, precision manufacturing company makes complex geometric products to the tightest possible tolerances. Alan Marten, his wife Debbie, and son David, the owners, are active on the shop floor and company management; all are integral to its performance.

Faced with a worker shortage, unlike some companies, Marten Machining collaborated with educators to establish training programs benefiting themselves, and their entire community.

Mark Burwell, owner of Evolutions Business Group, and author of “The Evolutionary Entrepreneur,” provided the forward and a succinct quote. Throughout the years, starting with my involvement with the New North, a northeastern regional development group, Mark has always encouraged my efforts.

I joined Manufacturing Day, an industry effort involving manufacturers, educational institutions, and community/regional economic development groups. They coordinate education, shop tours, and information to instruct the public about the production systems so essential to the American economy.

Participating companies provide tours and work closely with education and industry. All make the case for acquiring the technical skills to take advantage of the current job openings for advanced jobs, and prepare students for the rapidly expanding technical workplace. Please visit and view the sponsors and endorsers.

As demonstrated by these leaders, what they are doing, and the industries they are building, there are abundant opportunities for those willing to study, work hard, and make good decisions. Thank you all for the help and support in completing this project.

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Decision-making in a Disruptive Reordering is a contribution to the cause of building a lean, green, high tech industrial system providing opportunities for all American citizens.

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Wayne L. Staley

Wayne L. Staley

Author, Consultant at Affinity Sytems LLC
Wayne has managed corporate information services for a multi-plant, national manufacturer, developing information and shop floor operating systems. He has experience in plant and corporate material management working with integrated supply chain programs with overseas suppliers, as well as customer collaboration programs.

Wayne's consulting company Affinity Systems LLC has managed numerous business strategy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and process improvement projects (VMP) in manufacturing, government, distribution, and convention management.

He has developed training materials for ERP, Supply-Chain Management, Strategy, and Process Improvement. His specialties include systems assessment, software selection and installation, and process improvement.  Through his website, Wayne continues to advocate for American industry.

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