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I am honored to be a one-day (September 13, 2016) guest instructor at the University of Wisconsin, Marathon Campus class on “Process Engineering Teams“.

Structured Process - ERP Lessons Learned - Wayne L StaleyThe subjects are the contents of my book Decision-making in a Disruptive Reordering, and the ACTION problem-solving methodology contained in ERP Lessons Learned – Structured Process.

An additional, extremely important topic is empowered work teams.

While preparing the presentation, it occurred that I needed to let others know the material is available.

My company Affinity Systems needed a training program capable of moving projects rapidly through the classroom to positive results on the shop floor.

My book, ERP Lessons Learned – Structured Process, is a product of real-time systems projects. Chapter 9 includes a summary of ACTION, our Six Step problem solving methodology, a synthesis of Lean, Six-Sigma, and Theory of Constraints (TOC).

ACTION Six-Step problem solving methodology

ERP Lessons Learned – Structured Process:
Chapter 9 Continuous Improvements – Perfect the System

When the core ERP project, the information super highway is completed, it is time to “show me the money,“ and the goal changes. The new objective is to perfect the system by squeezing the waste out of all business processes.

The VMP removes the barriers that prevent the system from operating at the speed of reality. Few, if any, ERP installations reach ROI goals without some type of improvement program

ERP and VMP are systems that help us optimize yield and reduce waste. We must preserve our valuable resources.

Objective – be LEAN and GREEN

ERP Structured Process is available from the author online at or from at

Wayne L. Staley

Wayne L. Staley

Author, Consultant at Affinity Sytems LLC
Wayne has managed corporate information services for a multi-plant, national manufacturer, developing information and shop floor operating systems. He has experience in plant and corporate material management working with integrated supply chain programs with overseas suppliers, as well as customer collaboration programs.

Wayne's consulting company Affinity Systems LLC has managed numerous business strategy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and process improvement projects (VMP) in manufacturing, government, distribution, and convention management.

He has developed training materials for ERP, Supply-Chain Management, Strategy, and Process Improvement. His specialties include systems assessment, software selection and installation, and process improvement.  Through his website, Wayne continues to advocate for American industry.

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